What's New?

What’s New in PolyWorks|Inspector™ 2024

3D Dimensional Analysis & Quality Control

PolyWorks|Inspector 2024's ribbon menu, re-engineered interfaces, and on-screen contextual toolbars help users optimize their workflow.

Improve 3D Measurement Efficiency with our Re-Engineered 
User Interfaces

Our significant investments in improving software usability year after year directly reflect our core value of ensuring customer success. PolyWorks|Inspector 2024 delivers major gains in efficiency through its re-engineered user interfaces:

  • Perform inspection tasks and discover new tools intuitively as we have merged all toolbars and the main menu bar into a new ribbon menu and adjusted the appearance and organization of interface widgets to offer a more logical workflow
  • Access frequently used tools more directly, thereby reducing mouse movements and clicks
  • Quickly find the functionalities that apply to selected objects by accessing a contextual tab or a simplified contextual menu
  • Adapt the ribbon menu to your needs by repositioning tools or integrating macro scripts

With PolyWorks|Inspector 2024, users are able to: 

  • Learn and master basic workflows more easily 

Take First Steps with Complete Confidence

  • Retrieve their favorite tools more quickly 

Increase Productivity with Seamless Navigation

  • Strengthen their skills by exploring various new tools at their fingertips

Easily Discover and Leverage Specialized Tools

Empower Datum Reference Frames with Surface Features 

Surface datum features allow evaluating GD&T in the optimized alignment required by the assembly, with all of the constraints and mobility intended. With PolyWorks|Inspector 2024: 

  • Simulate the real physical constraint of a surface datum feature by controlling the considered degrees of freedom  
  • Calculate the best measured control results possible by optimizing surface feature alignment within its full profile tolerance allowances 

Control the Fit of Probed Features 

With this new release, PolyWorks|Inspector now offers direct control over the fitting parameters of probed features, which enables users to: 

  • Predefine the fit type and constraints prior to probing to directly get the desired result 

  • Modify the fit type and constraints after probing and automatically update the result 

Improve Result Analysis and Reporting with Contextual Control Views

PolyWorks|Inspector already allows users to report 3D measurement results in multiple contexts using tables and snapshots. Version 2024 extends this capability to control views. Select a set of dimensional controls, choose a data alignment as well as a coordinate system, and create a contextual control view to:   

  • Analyze surface deviations in multiple alignments

With body alignment

With handle alignment

PolyWorks|Inspector 2024 offers users enhanced analysis by viewing control views in multiple data alignments.
  • Inspect dimensional controls in the tooling and assembly coordinate systems

With car body coordinate system

PolyWorks|Inspector 2024 helps users interpret deviations by analyzing control views in multiple coordinate systems.

With intake part coordinate system

PolyWorks|Inspector 2024 helps users interpret deviations by analyzing control views in multiple coordinate systems.

Enhance Analysis and Reporting with Control Views

Perform CADless Inspection Workflows on CNC CMMs

CNC CMM operators can now create measurement sequences without any CAD data:

  • Prepare a CNC sequence easily by leveraging a new teach mode that records manually probed points and Go To points

  • Automate multipiece measurement by converting probed features from the first piece into measurement guides for subsequent pieces

  • Improve measurement repeatability by resampling measurement guides and generating uniformly distributed measurement points

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