2023, A Year of Distinction for InnovMetric

InnovMetric made a name for itself locally after receiving a number of awards and distinctions.

2023, A Year of Distinction for InnovMetric




This news article concerns InnovMetric, the parent company of the PolyWorks subsidiaries.

InnovMetric made a name for itself locally after receiving a number of awards and distinctions.

InnovMetric employees discussing at head office in Quebec City, Canada.

InnovMetric employees talking at the head office in Quebec City, Canada.

For InnovMetric, the year 2023 is synonymous with success. This Quebec City-based multinational has built a remarkable reputation at the provincial level through its achievements and the many awards it has received. With such positive momentum, the company is ready to forge ahead as it looks forward to 2024 with gratitude.

The Fidéides


Created by the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Québec (CCIQ), the Fidéides gala is an event of tremendous prestige. It is the largest business awards ceremony in the Quebec City region and the second largest in the province.

This renowned and highly esteemed celebration rewards companies that have distinguished themselves through their exceptional performance as they help Quebec City’s business centers become more appealing, innovative, and dynamic.

At the Fidéides awards ceremony, Marc Soucy, PhD, President and co-founder of InnovMetric, took the stage on three occasions to accept a variety of awards.

Marc Soucy, President and co-founder of InnovMetric, receiving a prize from the Quebec Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Marc Soucy, President and co-founder of InnovMetric.  
CCIQ, November 2, 2023, Quebec City.

InnovMetric was awarded the Prix rayonnement hors Québec  in recognition of its successful international development.

The 3D PolyWorks® digital metrology ecosystem is available in 13 languages. InnovMetric provides a direct, local presence to its customers in 17 countries, along with technical expertise services in 15 languages throughout the world.

The delegation from InnovMetric on stage, proudly receiving a third and unexpected prize, "Prix Rayonnement Hors Québec"!

Éric Nadeau (Vice President of Technical Expertise), Amélie Lacoste (Vice President of Human Resources), Marc Soucy (President and co-founder), Aude Gérard (Director of Marketing), Stéphane Leclerc (Chief Operating Officer).
CCIQ, November 2, 2023, Quebec City.

Next, InnovMetric received the Haute technologie  prize for advanced technology, acknowledging PolyWorks’s  significant contribution to the manufacturing of everyday objects like automobiles and cell phones.

Its PolyWorks|InspectorTM 3D dimensional analysis and quality control solution is used in cutting-edge fields like Formula 1 racing and aerospace.

The company currently serves over 20,000 customers in 100 countries.

InnovMetric helps guide the world’s leading manufacturers toward the digital transformation of their 3D measurements while accelerating product design and development as well as quality control activities throughout the manufacturing process.

Finally, InnovMetric had the privilege of receiving a third and unexpected prize, the Moyenne-Grande Entreprise award for medium and large-scale companies.

This heartfelt prize is awarded by the jury to a medium or large-scale Quebec-based company that stood out from the crowd over the past year.

Indeed, the 40th Fidéides awards were stamped with the colors of InnovMetric.

Summa Prize


The story continues. Later in the year, Mr. Soucy received the 2023 Prix Summa Carrière  for his distinguished career, awarded by the Science and Engineering faculty of Laval University.

The renowned Quebec City university honored Mr. Soucy, one of its esteemed alumni, for his exceptional entrepreneurial career and business achievements. InnovMetric has forged a strong partnership with Laval University, actively contributing to the success of its students.  

Watch the gala’s introduction video to learn more about Mr. Soucy’s impressive career path and view photographs showcasing the history of InnovMetric (in French only).