Update your Piece Measurement Templates Effortlessly Through Model-Based Definition (MBD) 


By associating application data to CAD geometry, MBD technologies allow automating processes in downstream applications that consume CAD data. Attend this workshop to:

  • Review the current PolyWorks|Inspector™ workflow to create a piece measurement template from a CAD model with PMI.
  • Understand the challenges of integrating a new CAD model revision within an existing template.
  • Learn how the PolyWorks|PMI+Loop™ MBD solution extends the CAD software’s PMI toolset to define all the dimensional requirements of the piece measurement template within CAD.
  • See how our MBD solution’s built-in digital traceability allows you to automate the integration of a CAD model revision within a piece measurement template, thereby reducing the time to update an existing CNC CMM measurement sequence from hours to minutes.

This presentation was recorded during PolyWorks Conference Live 2023.


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