Manage your Inspection Project Data Lifecycles Digitally with PolyWorks®

Data lifecycles describe the way data flows between systems and people while going through a workflow. This presentation demonstrates and analyzes PolyWorks-enabled digital lifecycles of three types of inspection project data to reveal the benefits of moving to digital technologies. Attendees will:

  • Learn how managing 3D measurement data digitally facilitates the collaboration between manufacturing organizations and their subcontractors, thus accelerating the engineering phase of a new product.
  • Discover how the design, manufacturing, and 3D measurement teams can manage all their dimensional controls within their company’s native CAD platform to automate the propagation of design changes to the downstream applications that consume CAD data.
  • See how to leverage interconnected data management platforms to preserve and transmit knowledge and build strong long-term know-how and expertise within a manufacturing organization.

This presentation was recorded during PolyWorks Conference Live 2023.


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