A gradual approach for the digital transformation of your 3D measurement process


Digital transformation strategies are crucial to overcome the challenges of responding faster than ever to changing markets and the increasing complexity of products and processes. This presentation demonstrates a typical multistep implementation of the PolyWorks® digital ecosystem, as it occurs at a customer’s site. Attendees will learn:

  • How to offer everyone easy access to 3D measurement data by deploying a data management system and a Web and mobile server
  • The importance of structuring their metadata to optimize search performance and enable root-cause analyses
  • The integration of PolyWorks into a production environment to offer real-time access to 3D measurement data when an issue is detected and modern communication tools to reach out to colleagues instantaneously
  • How to bring 3D measurement data at the heart of an enterprise by interconnecting PolyWorks with the PLM and CAD systems

Attendees will also discover how the modularity of the PolyWorks architecture allows a gradual deployment of digital technologies and processes and lets customers control the implementation calendar to avoid disturbing operations and obtain efficiency gains at every step of their digital transformation journey.


This presentation was recorded during PolyWorks Conference Live 2022.


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