Certify and Improve the Repeatability and Reproducibility of your 3D Measurement Process


This workshop presents the latest version of the PolyWorks|Inspector™ Gauge R&R workflow to certify any 3D measurement process performed through its universal metrology platform. We will demonstrate the complete workflow from the operator’s point of view:

  • Prepare the inspection project by creating objects, defining controls, and setting up the measurement sequence.
  • Launch and configure the Gauge R&R process.
  • Publish the Gauge R&R report in Excel automatically and analyze the results.

Moreover, we will show how the digital interconnectivity between the PolyWorks® inspection project and the Excel report allows you to adjust inspection parameters and observe the impact of these changes in real time, providing the foundation to increase the repeatability and reproducibility of your measurement processes based on point cloud data.


This presentation was recorded during PolyWorks Conference Live 2023.


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